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16 October 2005 @ 09:58 pm
i really dont know whats going on with my life right now. i know that you had a lot of shit going on that you didnt want to involve me in. but i want to be there for you and i feel like you dont want me there any more. i had expectations for an amazing break at home with you. but i saw you once for a really short time on thursday. and we didnt even get to be alone. not even a kiss goodbye. nothing. and you promised to call me when you woke up on friday. i figured you were working since you never called. and i though that after our convo thursday night you would make sure that we did something. but you could have called when you got home or something. but no. you went to the bar with your friends. with your friends who are ALWAYS home. but no phone call to your gf who is only home for a few days. and who misses you like crazy. then you expected me to pick your drunk ass up in seaside at 1am when i was already in bed b/c you never called me? are you crazy? no way in hell was i gonna do that even if my car was working. and then i know you told me i wouldnt hear from you from 8-5 on saturday. but what about after that? what about the times i called/texted you that day? why didnt you want to see me? do you not want to be with me any more? im so confused, i dont know what to do .... we NEED to talk. if you were any other guy, we'd be thru. but i care too much about you. you need to do something to prove you still care. i dont know what i expect but something. even just a phone call. i luv you.

"I know something is wrong,
I just don't know what to do.
You say it's only me, and, that I'm so perfect for you.
I don't want to try no more,
I don't want to make this right.
I just want you to be true to me one time.
And you know it's not so easy when you're all alone,
And I wonder if I'm alone in your head.
I'll give this one more try,
I'll give it all my best, and, I'll ask
What could you be doing that is so much fun?
Without me by your side"
Current Mood: weirdweird
Current Music: sunday drive . the early november