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05 December 2005 @ 11:40 am
so i havent updated in over a month. well nothing exciting happened.

had rugby elections. got secretary again. even tho im going to italy next semester so thats fun.

gin bucket night. BAAAAADDDDD. never again. but me jess julie and jackie all sang rent and wicked when we were wasted.

formal was saturday. so much fun! even tho i was dateless. but it didnt even matter. apparently me and daniella look like mexican princessses lol. and EVERYONE saw stegos boobs. we danced with the servers. and the old bus boy. and joseph. then after party at the eve elisabeth lobby. said some things i probably shouldnt have cuz i was retarded, got a little upset and passed out.

but it snowed!!!!!

and im finally 21!!!! woo hoo!! i can now legally be a waste of life lol.

had a tequilla shot with some of the roomies. went to woodys. which was closed. it was so disappointing. went back to get alyssa's car and went to stooges. didnt get wasted. we all had martinis then the bartender gave us birthday shots - electric blue - so good. even tho i suck at shots lol. then just had a beer before last call. and when we got back to the house jess and katie were wasted and kate was wearing jasons blonde wig. so of course i had to drink more.

tonights chicken lounge and the eagles game. cant wait!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: beer in mexico . kenny chesney