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03 January 2006 @ 11:50 pm
so i havent updated in almost a month. i figured i should do that before i head off to europe.

finals werent anything exciting.

neither was toms river. but i guess thats what happens when you dont really talk to most of your high school friends. oh well.

new years eve was definitely the highlight of this break. friday night = drinking gross czech beer and playing kings with jess's mom. druzz's girlfriend screaming at him. then up to jess's room with colin, katie, and her brother.....i almost died.

Saturday = best new years in long island ever. so much food. so much drinks. mrs. cortapasso: "Happy Fucking New Year!" beer pong. kings. lesbians being outnumbered. jello shots. go giants! talking to a very wasted johan and j co. taking a "walk." shotgunning. and actually getting a kiss on new years ;) just to name some of the highlights....

im gonna miss these girls like crazy.

italy on thursday ..... what am i gonna do? i cant just walk down the hall/up stairs/across the room to see my best friends .... they'll be separated by a few countries lol.
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